Chicken or the egg? Britney or Christina? Vanilla or chocolate? Such debates shook the foundations of friendships all night long.

Then there was Mario versus Sonic. SNES and Sega were locked in war. This wouldn’t be won on the streets, but in the musty bedrooms of the 90s kid. Under the socks, you’d be sure discover either a Nintendo or a Sega Mega Drive.

And that posh kid you knew probably had both.

On the front line was Mario, Nintendo’s squishy Italian plumber created by the legendary Sigeru Minamoto. On the other, Yuji Naka’s Sonic. The anthropomorphic blue hedgehog made his introduction on June 23rd, 1991, courtesy of Sega’s new Genesis console.

The video game brand mascot

Nintendo and Sega sent their brand mascots into battle, each pixelated soldier designed to appeal to the target audience.

Every control button press was akin to a vote.

Mario packed a punch. Sonic was prickly.

Brand mascots were nothing new. From the Michelin Man in 1894 to Mickey Mouse’s debut in 1928, a precedent had already been set. Nintendo and Sega took this to the next level, designing video game characters who roamed immersive worlds.

Mascots in advertising are one of a brands’ most effective ways of bonding with their customers and creating love.

So we’re asking you to tell us who rules: Mario or Sonic? Which character boasts the best design? Which one is woven most deeply into the cultural fabricate?

And, flat out, if you had to marry one, which one would it be?

How to enter

CMA is giving away a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini Console or Sega Mega Drive Classic. Yeah, we’re pretty night, right.

The competition is being run on our Facebook page. Simply:

  1. Like and follow the CMA Facebook page here
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  3. React to vote for Mario or Sonic

Stand out by telling us why you love your chosen character. Once the competition closes, one winner will be picked at random.

We’ll contact you and you can choose from either a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini Console or Sega Mega Drive Classic.


Win a Nintendo Classic Mini Console or Sega Mega Drive Classic