How Long Should a Blog Be? Does Size Really Matter?

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How Long Should a Blog Be? Does Size Really Matter?

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How long should your business blog content be? Copywriters are always worrying: is it too long … not long enough? After all, size matters!

Some ‘experts’ will insist that wild horses wouldn’t drag them past 600 words, and we have some sympathy for that. But, the truth is – the right length depends on the use you put it to.

How Long Should a Blog Be? Does Size Really Matter?
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The point of any piece of content is to inform, to shine a light, but it may also be to entertain or persuade. Having a clear idea about your purpose – and your audience – can really guide you when it comes to length.

If it’s a general or let-me-introduce-myself type blog – something light and easy to digest – that’s when your 600-word count comes in. This will give you enough room to make a worthwhile point, whilst keeping your reader engaged.

Blog Content: Go Long

For anything above 1,000 words, there needs to be a clear idea of what will keep the audience reading for this long. It can be content that addresses a specific need, a ‘how to’ piece, for example, a lifestyle article or a detailed product review – anything where the reader wants the in-depth analysis.

Fundamentally though, blog content should be as long as it needs to be. If ‘received wisdom’ about word-count means you can’t always get what you want, break free and make content that is meaningful to you and your readers.

Research indicates that, even in the world of ‘Micro Blogs’, readers still gravitate to longer, more detailed content – and Search Engines certainly reward websites for it, because it produces longer Dwell Times.

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Awww… puddy-tat. Sorry, where was I? Oh, yeah: How long is a piece of string? It’s however long you need it to be!

So, in a world of short-ass 400-words-or-less content, you can stand tall with 2,000 words of ‘evergreen’ bloggage, which will draw inbound traffic to your site for years to come!

Blog Content: Keep it Up

In an age when Social Media, particularly, can be a massive time-suck, your blog content needs to be something people will spend their time reading. Have you ever quickly thumbed through a blog to check how long it is? Course you have, ’cos time is money.

If you can make your point in 400 words – then, maybe you should. But, even in longer pieces, concision is precision.

Here are a few ideas to help you break longer content into bite-size pieces, like a tear and share pizza – to make it at-a-glance appetising and encourage the reader to, well, read on.

  • Avoid repeating yourself.
  • Avoid repeating yourself 😊
  • Chunk paragraphs down and break them up. Lots of white space is good!
  • Keep in mind that overly long paragraphs can be off-putting to a reader. After all, if it looks like it might be a lot of work to wade through, people might decide to follow the path of least resistance and skip on to the next short paragraph. Just like those people who skipped reading this bullet-point, cos it looked too imposingly long!
  • Drop in bullet points to aid scanability.
  • Use headings – great for SEO and readability alike.
  • Police your own spelling and grammar.
  • Proofread. Use the inbuilt grammar and spellchecker. Then, get a fresh pair of eyes to proofread your blog, as well.
  • Break your text up with visual or interactive elements.
Cute kitten with a ball of wool. Kitten fast asleep. CMA - How long should your blog content be?
Add a visual element, you say? Okay… ehm… I know: another puddy-tat.
Awwww… (And he isn’t here for image search SEO, honest).

Blog Content: Happy Ending

Short is always sweet, but, if you don’t have a strict word limit, let the content grow naturally and review it periodically. See if any points need more room to grow, and if any others can be cut back like a garden hedge.

As for this blog – we thought the 600-word option gave the most satisfaction!

Do you agree? When writing or reading, what’s your preferred blog length? Got some nuggets of fried gold advice you’re happy to share? Feel free to let us know in the ‘Comments’ section, below.

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